Web Marketing

Today even small businesses can benefit from all   the global marketing tools.

Search Engine Optimization

Remember when every company in the phone book started with AAA. AAA tires, AAA pluming and AAA cleaning; well times have changed but not that much. Many l companies apply Intelligent Search engine Optimization practices and many companies apply not so intelligent Search engine Optimization practices, Our job at DirkLangDesign is to keep track of the best practices and stay ahead continually upgrading its techniques and work flow.

Key Words

Key words on your pages will assure that when people request a product or service you proved in your area your name will be displayed in Web Kit , Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. DirkLangDesign employs all the services of Google Ad Words  ,Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google base to assure your business is a top ranked search in all browsers

A year ago I client told me his phone calls had dropped off considerably in the last year or so. We searched his company name and noticed: The businesses old phone numbers from a previous owner was still posted in Google, Local.com and a few other sites. We changed a few accounts entered the correct  information In all search engines:  Web-kit, Google and Bing and his business phone calls regained its previous levels – Search Engine optimization can extremely benefit your business. Dirk Lang Design manages all aspects of SEO including uploading the appropriate files, building a site index and ongoing managing and tracking.  Searching in Optimization is good for your business!