Dirk Albert Lang

I work in Dreamweaver a lot, I love it. My latest project uses all the great new aspects of CSS3. Css3 allows us to use box shadows, borders radiuses, and absolutely positioned divs with faded red colors and all sorts of great effects using the transition property. I use the SPRY assets for accordion panels and many other features. I can’t program JavaScript yet- but I use many of the presets in JQuery and SPRY. I usually layout my designs in Illustrator, and optimize images in Photoshop. And of course, everything begins on a scratch pad. I know illustrator and Photoshop but mostly for web media. To be well rounded as a designer/Graphic artist I need to learn to apply these skills to print media also. I am also a musician, I played all-over town from Concord to Cool in most of the Honky tonks and Rock Bars. In 2007 I joined a county band Steel Horse Stampede Played slide guitar all over Nevada. Got old quick. Now I exist musically in my Art. –lovin’-it

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