Riviera styling compliments all types of architecture. Extra heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame, all-aluminum components and unsurpassed quality make the Riviera our most popular door.


Installation instructions included.

Charcoal 18" x 16" x 0.011 mesh fiberglass screening.

Finish Options

Satin Anodized, Bronze Anodized, White Enamel,Desert Sand Enamel


3-0 x 6-8, 2-8 x 6-8, 2-6 x 6-8, Special Sizes

  • Standard Finishes
  • Screening
  • Standard Hardware
  • Special Colors
  • Special Size Doors
  • French Doors

Standard Finishes: Bronze Anodized, Bronze Paint, Champagne Beige, Desert Tan, Satin Anodized, White

Anodized Finish An anodized finish is a coating of aluminum oxide. Much harder than the aluminum it replaces giving it excellent wear and abrasion resistance.

Powder Coated Finish Powder coating is a dry finishing process, using finely ground particles of pigment and resin that are generally electrostatically charged and sprayed onto electronically ground parts.


With a fundamental goal to excel in everything They do, Phifer Incorporated is a leader in the insect screen, solar screen, drawn wire, interior solar control fabrics, engineered products and outdoor designer fabrics industries. As the world’s largest producer of aluminum and fiberglass insect screening, Phifer has used its wire drawing and textile weaving expertise to enter and flourish in these numerous and varied markets. Our products reflect technological innovations as well as today’s changing design trends, and our workforce reflects the diversity, international versatility, and commitment to service demanded in the current marketplace.


Push-button hardware kit with closer and all installation screws included with every door.

Available in: Black, White , and Gray

OPTION 1: Serenade Brighton Plate and Deadbolt Set Comes in Brass, Black and White (shown) Latch and deadbolt are not sold separately. Sold in kits - not installed

OPTION 2: Georgian Plate Lever and Deadbolt Set Comes in Brass (as shown) Black and White Latch and deadbolt are not sold separately. Sold in kits - not installed.

Special Finishes:

Post office blue, Evening blue, Country blue, bear green, Forest green alabaster, almond cream autumn brown, Terra cotta Flat black ,Charcoal gray, New England gray, New bronze green Patina, Pacific granite, chrome

ROLL-FORM FRAME SPECIAL SIZE SCREEN DOORS: Special size screen doors are available in ROLL-FORM frame models (Up to 36” width x 80” height).

EXTRUDED FRAME SPECIAL SIZE SCREEN DOORS: Special size screen doors are available. See page 1 for size limitations on specific models. Pre-hung Z-bar frames are available as a special order.Specify LH (hinged left) or RH (hinged right) on3.0 CONSTRUCTION single doors (viewed outside looking in).

HOW TO MEASURE OPENING When ordering special size screen doors, please specify the OPENING SIZE (OS) to the nearest 1/8”. The standard deductions taken from the opening size to arrive at the NET SIZE (NS) are width minus 3/4” and height minus 3/4”. This will allow for proper fit of a extruded door. EXAMPLE: If the special size dimensions are 38” x 82” Opening Size (OS), the door manufactured will be 37-1/4” x 81-1/4” Net Size (NS).


Truframe Screen Doors are also available with a French Door Kit for double doors, and include all installation hardware except for the door knob and deadlock which are optional.

French Door Kit FrenchDoorAstragalKit